Once the sun finally comes out, Portlanders crave nothing more than a good pint and an empty picnic table—and maybe a great pulled-pork sandwich. Luckily, the remarkably chill Migration Brewing (2828 NE Glisan St., 206-5221), which opened in April, boasts all three. Brewer Mike Branes has already produced a respectable namesake pale ale, a smooth, rich Clem's Cream Ale and pucker-worthy "Lil' Bitter," all brewed just off the pub's airy main room, where drinkers nod along to reggae hits and track TV World Cup coverage. Just beyond the roll-up garage door, a converted parking lot hosts a grip of (often empty!) picnic tables where you can hunker down with that sandwich—the peppery pulled pork ($8.50) braised in smoky spices and ladled atop pillowy Fleur de Lis ciabatta with pepper jack cheese and sweet slaw. Ah, summer.