wweek.com readers speak on… “John Minnis and State Settle Sexual Harass Case: Pay Victim $450K,” July 2, 2010

The woman who brought forth allegations of sexual harassment against John Minnis, her boss as director of Oregon’s Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, has won a $450,000 settlement against Minnis and the state.

Terms of the settlement call for Minnis to pay $65,000 and the state risk management account to pick up the $385,000 balance.

"Since Republicans are all about personal responsibility and don't want the government interfering in our lives, I'm sure John and Karen Minnis will want to pay the full judgment themselves. Everyone knows it's only Democrats who feed at the public trough." —JJ Gildersneeze

"How did Minnis weasel on the bulk of the settlement? Disgusting pig. His foreskin should be re-removed and stitched to his mouth…The taxpayers get screwed once again for John's screwing…nauseating." —"A Blinken"

"It would be nice to hear someone involved in the case explain why the split would be so dramatically state-heavy; don't the Minnises have oodles of money?" —"jmr"

"Hot Tub John shoots his wad and the taxpayers clean up the sheets for nearly half a mil? Makes you wonder how many cutesy sexual assault victims he did in the back of all those police cars in the beery, snowy 1970s? Nigel, wanna check under that bed? While Minnis still lives in the states?" —"John Dewey"

"Why was Minnis in charge of certifying that law enforcement officers met HIGH STANDARDS? It's like asking the mold to guard the cheese. " —"Thunder Billy"

"Minnis and Randy Leonard get two pensions (PFDR and PERS) and made this law just for them alone while they were in the legislature. Have Minnis give up a pension to pay for this BS—Our leaders have no backbone at all." —"Steve"

"Mr. Minnis and his minnis me. Ignorance of the law is no excuse; neither is blaming it on the alcohol. Ask Bob Packwood." —"Captain K"

CORRECTIONS WW incorrectly reported Tony Hopson's salary last week in "Hopson's Choice." His correct annual salary is $170,000. Also, WW misstated the first name of a former Portland Public Schools superintendent. He was Robert Blanchard. WW regrets the errors.