wweek.com readers speak on… “Kaine Horman: High-School Friend Contacted Family After Kyron Disappeared, Then Started Affair,” July 12, 2010. Click here for more.

"I like to think outside the tackle box and something here smells fishy….I don't have to stick my hand up the cow's ass to know it's beef…and this strikes me as roundly pack-u-la.

"I hope Norm Frink has put on one of his new silk Talbott ties, takes a break from expanding the circumference of his massive thighs and is mulling this over…sexting. Jesus H. What's next…Terri now emerges as the No. 1 suspect, her new beau is the No. 1 idiot and Kaine as the No. 1 cuckold… Jerry Springer could not have gathered a bigger bunch of goofs to be parents…." —A Blinken

"Sure, but look at it from the other direction. Every wire service and news outlet that has published this 'affair' story has stated that the supposed affair started AFTER Kaine Horman moved out and took the baby daughter. Yeah, it's demented behavior that a guilty person might engage in, but it's also demented behavior that an INNOCENT person might engage in. If I was guilty of nothing but being wacky and histrionic, and my husband moved out and took my infant away from me, and an old school chum surfaced making sympathetic noises, I might very well self-medicate with the old chum…. Look, I believe the worst of her, but it's from an armchair-psychology point of view. None of this stuff means diddly by legal evidentiary standards, and everybody should be grateful that we live in a society where the law is such that this kind of nonsense DOESN'T mean diddly from an evidentiary standpoint." —elizabethbennett

"@Elizabeth Bennett [...] you're so wrong. If the evidence was reversed and it were the step-father who was suspected by the public and the police of abducting his 7-year-old step-daughter, he would have been sitting in jail long ago, 'without bail,' until the child was found. These sites would be filled with the most vile comments about him being a perv.

"I don't know what planet you're living on, but there's so much evidence now against Terri Horman's involvement in the disappearance it's ridiculous! And don't say that people aren't convicted on only circumstantial evidence. […] Terri got a phat lawyer, and that's why she still free. No other reason…'cause she's a very sick woman who is a danger to this community, just like Korena Roberts and Diane Downs!" —Step-Mother

"Sex-obsessed people are such a turn-off. Just what we would expect from a town like Portland with its crazy sex-obsessed mayor. Just reminds me of amoebas, or some similar blind gooey life-form that causes diarrhea.

"The only bright light here is evidence that she is so wildly, wildly off her rocker…the idea that she has sequestered Kyron to gain attention to herself, and that he will turn up alive, seems less impossible." —gaye harris