Wweek.com readers speak on… “BurgerQuest”

"While the 'bistro burger' (pretentious level…rising) is a delightful find, it takes away from the purity of the burger. More shit does not mean better shit. Some of these ARE good burgers, I'll admit, but you definitely got the wrong guy to do this list. A designer sandwich shop owner? Any guy who readily admits he's too good for fast food can't be an HONEST judge of a burger." —"Villa"

"Um, a) I don't think anyone would call Kenny & Zuke's a designer sandwich shop. We're doing pretty classic New York deli sandwiches. And Sandwichworks, our sister restaurant, does pretty classic hoagies. We do make our own bread, our own pastrami, roast our own turkey and beef, etc, but that's not designer so much as how things used to be done before efficiency become more important than quality. b) Not at all true. Metrovino was No. 1 precisely because they made such a great burger that had nothing unusual about it. No ground lamb, no pickled beets, no romesco, no pancetta, etc. It's really just a straight-up double-cheeseburger. btw, what's so great about fast food? The whole point is to give you something cheap and fast, not something especially good. " —"extramsg" (Nick Zukin)

"Great article. I am now famished. But what you should have done is to have had a cholesterol study before and after you did the... ahhh ... research for your story. Would have been illuminating." —"Johnny the Knife"

"Nick, this was a great list. Sure, there are some folks who disagree, but really, this is a great starting point for many of us to try some new burgers and put your ranking to the test. My biggest concern with any burger: dryness. Some burgers are dressed very nicely, but lack of moist condiments can really frustrate me. Glad to hear your descriptions of "juices" and drippings as this counts a lot for me. Thanks again! —"mitchcast"

"PEOPLE! SHUT UP and go eat some burgers!!! Seriously. Everyone needs to stop whining about this burger or that burger being forgotten. Did you go out and sample over 72 burgers in 3 months? Did you write something entertaining to say the least that made the front page of the WWeek? NO! Expand your horizons and eat some good shit. I don't agree with the entire top 10, but could we ever as a whole? —"Lindsey"

CLARIFICATION:A July 14, 2010, story "Peek Oil" said Mike Rosen stumbled upon an ad for "Fuck BP" T-shirts online by surfing a friend's Facebook connections. Rosen's recollection was not entirely accurate. He found the T-shirt that inspired his Gulf Coast activism on a site unconnected to his friend.