wweek.com readers speak on… “Oregon Moms Attempt Breast-feeding Record,” Aug. 3, 2010,

Local moms will try to break the record for most women breast-feeding at one time this Friday, Aug. 6. The event, coined the Big Latch On, comes at the end of World Breastfeeding Week and is sponsored in part by the Multnomah County's Women Infants and Children program.

"I'm sorry, but this picture [of a baby feeding from a partially exposed breast] is really offensive and unnecessarily exposing the female anatomy. It shouldn't have been put here!

And, don't tell me that it's "just natural"! It's natural to do in the privacy of your own home, not for public viewing!! Shame on WW for doing this." —Sue

"I know, right? And what's this latest thing of women wearing shoes and flaunting their non-pregnancy? It's shameful." —People Leet Me Tell You 'Bout My Breast Friend

"Ummmm, I thought Janet Jackson got blasted and persecuted for exposing her parts, so what's the difference? OK, I got it. She is not white." —Pablo

"Are you kidding Sue? You can't be serious. If you are, then shame on YOU for being so ignorant. Eating (a.k.a. breast-feeding) isn't for public viewing? I'm sure you eat Big Macs out in public. As a vegetarian, I find watching people shoving dead carcasses in their mouths terribly offensive. Will you promise to keep your carcass-eating at home if I keep my exposed female anatomy at home? Breast-feeding ROCKS!!" —Cheri

"If you only were allowed to eat 'in the privacy of your own home,' consider how ridiculously constrictive that would be. So, all moms who breast-feed their babies should be forced to stay home at any and all times said child is hungry? Do you freak out every time you see a mother nursing her offspring or just when the mom is of your species?

When the WIC program celebrates breast-feeding they are doing something good for all of us. Less children on government-funded formula. Less illness. Healthier kids!

Way to go, WW! Please promote health and well-being throughout the community and ignore the Sues of the world! Thanks for the good story!" —Juli

"Will Thomas Beatie be allowed to participate if he happens to be in Multnomah County at 10:30 on Fri?

BTW, a genuinely offensive image would be a mushroom-shaped cloud, remembered on Aug 6. If that image can be effaced by a suckling babe, then provide us as many photos of breast-feeding infants as you can." —Gardiner Menefree