While Jaws remains fresh enough to be the catch of the day, Steven Spielberg's creature feature Jurassic Parklooks like a time capsule (and the second-best Michael Crichton theme-park horror, behind Westworld). That's the risk you run when you try to be up-to-the-minute: You get some fleet velociraptors (and a pretty good sight gag with a goat), but you also get unconvincing daytime dinos, some boxy Macintosh Quadra 700s manned by Samuel L. "Hang on to your butts" Jackson, and a villainous turn by Seinfeld sweat gland Wayne Knight. Jurassic Park isn't timeless. It's 1993 trapped in amber. Bagdad, 10 pm Friday, Aug. 6.

  • Best paired with: Terminator Stout.
  • Also showing: Beverly Hills Cop (Laurelhurst),Knight and Day (Academy, Bagdad, Laurelhurst).