wweek.com readers respond to: “PETA takes the fun out of everything,” Aug, 12, 2010

"So, you're defending the circus? Really, who the hell even goes to a circus anymore? I thought that shit went out with the '50s." —Damos Abadon

"I had never even been to a circus till I read about PETA doing this stuff one year, so I went to check it out and actually enjoyed myself. PETA is actually advertising for stuff like this when they protest in the way they do; it makes people want to go and see what the things are all about." —david

"Ya know, I personally make fun of PETA all of the time, and so do my vegan friends. But I have to agree with PETA on this one. Fuck the circus. That shit ain't right. They aren't trying to rehabilitate any endangered species into the wild…they are just making exotic, big, wild animals do stupid shit by beating them. Yay!" —Matt

"Well first of all, the animals are the least entertaining part of a circus…. Guess what—I can watch Shark Week, Planet Earth or anything else on TLC, National Geographic or the Discovery Channel if I really want to be "amazed" by animals. Under the big top, they just make me uncomfortable, and fairly bored.

But more importantly…PETA is an outlet for hot girls with a propensity for exhibitionism to justify their self-centered behavior. Have you ever seen an ugly, fat or even average-built woman getting close to naked in the name of animal rights? PETA demonstrations are like a dumping ground for failed modern dancers or alt-culture cuties who couldn't cut it in the nouveau pin-up scene. Gross. Find a better way to actually do something about the cause you believe in." —PortlandDancer

"I certainly hate PETA enough to want to eat live newborn kittens in front of them just for spite, but I have to agree with them on this one.…

First, [the animals are] trained to do unnatural things that put stress on their bodies.… Shocking any creature to get it to perform tricks is also deplorable. Doesn't even need to be argued, it's just cruel.

What is also cruel is keeping these animals performing for such long lives. They live a very long time, and they do have superb memories. Keeping them captive and performing for their whole lives is like taking a child from its mother and forcing it to do hard labor for life in prison. Wait—that's not what it's LIKE, that's what it IS."

Ringling is sick. —Dawn

CORRECTION: A Murmur last week incorrectly stated what would happen to Wilson High School's business manager. Wilson will keep its part-time business manager for the upcoming school year. WW regrets the error.