"You think I'm crazy?!? I'll show you crazy!!!" Mel Gibson yells. And then—instead of slandering Jews or calling his wife a "gold digger cunt whore"—he just pokes a man in the eye and shoots three drug dealers. In 1987, the world enjoyed a more lovably insane Aussie, who starred as "Lethal Weapon" Martin Riggs, a suicidal vice cop actually grieving for his dead wife, partnered with by-the-book Det. Murtaugh (Danny Glover). Expect car vs. house crashes, torture scenes involving electricity and sea sponges and a truly terrible electric guitar-and-sax buddy cop leitmotif from Michael Kamen and Eric Clapton(!). In other words, a show only slightly less epic than Gibson's last voicemail message. Laurelhurst.

  • Best paired with: Ninkasi Total Domination.
  • Also showing: Predators and Micmacs (Laurelhurst).