BOAT (Backspace, Saturday, 10 pm)
Are you going to bring the big cardboard cutout set with you on this visit? Because I love that. And will you play "Interstate 5" for me?

Bobby Bare Jr. (Crystal Ballroom, Friday, 10 pm)
Who does your hair? Because I'm a big fan of it. Also, can I get you a shot of whiskey? You look like a man who likes his whiskey. Thanks for coming back to MFNW!

Tallest Man on Earth (Doug Fir, Friday, 11:55 pm)
Are you really the tallest man on Earth? OK, that's a dumb question. How about this one: Are your live shows really as good as everyone says they are? I'm a-fixin' to find out.

THEESatisfaction (Jimmy Mak's, Saturday, 9 pm)
Do MCs in Seattle rep the Blazers now that the SuperSonics are gone?

The Thermals (Crystal Ballroom, Thursday, 10:30 pm)
What is this new album all about? Oh, wait, I already asked you (see here).