Proactive = Rogue-Worthy?

The following is a definition of rogue:

1. Somebody dishonest: an unscrupulous or dishonest person, especially somebody who is also likable

2. Somebody mischievous: a mischievously playful person, especially a naughty child

3. Dangerous solitary animal: a vicious or uncontrolled animal that lives apart from the rest of its herd or group

4. Botany biologically inferior variant: a plant that is a biologically inferior variant of its type

Please explain to me which one of these applies to Vivian Orlen, your [Sept. 1, 2010] Rogue of the Week. Did she make a mistake in procedure? Perhaps, but anyone who works in the schools know it can be hard to find the person in charge. This is a woman who is proactive in trying to improve schools. Let's give her a chance here. She gave her own time this summer to try to make Grant High School better (at no cost). [Thirty-three] hours to clean it up? Some of that time would have gone into the remodeling anyway. Considering the shape of Portland schools, perhaps we don't want to attack someone who is trying to make things better. I now have to live in the fear that if I try to help someone out and fail, I'll be the next Rogue of the Week.

P.S., I guess this means Portland must be close to perfect (if the only Rogue we can find is a principal who is trying to make things better).

Steven LaFleur
Northeast 31st Avenue

CORRECTION: A story in last week's paper about the fall political season imprecisely described the November ballot initiative that would let medical marijuana users buy pot from dispensaries. If approved, the initiative would not replace the current system for getting medical marijuana, it would create the new option of using dispensaries. WW regrets the error.