It's MusicfestNW week. You will, at some point, be hung over. May I offer a suggestion? Relieve your headache with Wet Hot American Summer, one of the most reinvigorating comedies of the past decade. A send-up of sleepaway-camp movie clichés, it's really a big-screen platform for the sketch comedy of HBO's The State troupe, but with Paul Rudd thrown in for good measure. If you want to make me smile on a terrible, terrible day—and the morning after a Smashing Pumpkins show surely qualifies—just show me the scene of Rudd sulkily bussing his dishes or writing in his "gournal." All is almost right again. Laurelhurst.

  • Best paired with: Ninkasi Believer Double Red.
  • Also showing: Cyrus (Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Mission).