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September 22nd, 2010 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip That Wants To Nude Wrestle With You.


  • BOW-WOWED: Pop band OK Go is already known for its intricate, delightful music videos, but its latest musical stunt has an Oregon link. The video for “White Knuckles,” which premiered Monday, features a dozen Beaver State dogs, who perform routines with the band members and pretty much steal the spotlight. Turns out all the animals are part of Lauren Henry’s Corvallis-based agency Talented Animals, which has provided trained dogs and other animals for Hollywood and TV productions, including the Twilight movies. Henry met the director for “White Knuckles,” Trish Sie (who directed the quartet’s ridiculously popular treadmill video in 2006 and is lead singer Damian Kulash’s sister), while working on a different project, and the two have been planning the video for more than two years. The OK Go video was actually shot in a studio outside Corvallis. “All the dogs are from Oregon,” Henry told WW. “We had a spectacular time.”

  • MINI MEAT: Prolific restaurateur Micah Camden has opened his fourth restaurant in as many years in the Pearl. Little Big Burger (122 NW 10th Ave., 274-9008), his first foray beyond the borders of his foodie fiefdom on Northeast 30th Avenue, serves burgers, fries, floats and beer in cans—and that’s it. The menu is small enough to fit comfortably on the A-frame board outside. We tried a cheeseburger ($3.75) before heading across the street to the night’s show at the Gerding Theater, and it was quite tasty—not big, not flashy, but very good nonetheless, with a nice sear on the patty and excellent ketchup.

  • WRESTLEMANIA: The Portland Art Museum and Portland State University just announced the lineup for their second annual rock art party, Shine a Light, on Friday, Oct. 15. The quirky evening, devoted to connecting the museum to a new generation of fans through brief art installations, music and drinking, debuted last year, with E*Rock in the sculpture garden and Laurelwood’s Chad Kennedy brewing a beer inspired by a Works Progress Administration painting of homesteaders. This year looks to be equally interesting, boasting sets from both Wampire and Guidance Counselor, as well as art marriages, job jingles and “nude Greco-Roman wrestling matches inspired by the Greco-Roman sculptures outside of the Crumpacker Library.”

  • ROCK OF AGES: By now you’ve probably heard that legendary local club Satyricon is closing its doors for good on Oct. 31. It’s an even bigger bummer for younger fans: Both the Quasi (Saturday, Oct. 23) and Pierced Arrows (Saturday, Oct. 30) shows are 21+. And in even more baffling news, the rumored Dandy Warhols gig scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 16, is 31+. Nope, that’s not a typo: You have to present ID proving you are older than 31 years old to get into the club. For one night, the kids definitely aren’t all right.
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