Among the debatable benefits of the new, improvisational approach to forging comedies (philosophy: Let the jesters riff for hours, pick the best bits in the cutting room) is the supporting performance that belongs in its own movie. Exhibit A: Jemaine Clement in Dinner for Schmucks. His high-art tableaus of himself in goat costumes may be a parody of Matthew Barney (see here), and his hilariously libidinous self-importance has nothing to do with anything else in the picture, but it is quite a bit better. I'd say it deserves its own movie, but I've seen Get Him to the Greek, so I know where that leads. Academy, Bagdad, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Mission, St. Johns, Valley.

  • Best paired with: Caldera Pilsner.
  • Also showing: American Psycho (Laurelhurst).