Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke is a brave woman. As part of the Portland stop of the official Twilight Convention, she's volunteered to take two busloads of screaming, zealous Twi-fans on a tour of filming sites in Portland, offering her own "unique insights and candid memories." The tour powers that be wouldn't share the exact stops of the tour with us. That's OK, we've got our own interactive map of every single site the O.G. Twilight film crew used in Portland, St. Helens and other environs back in 2008. Feel free to use this free fang map to find out where to stake out or stay clear of this Saturday, depending on your level of Twi-love. And Twi-hards, don't forget to make a stop at the actual convention, where you can snap a photo with lesser-known members of the wolf pack and attend a Twilight karaoke party, Volturi Vampire Ball or breakfast with Hardwicke.

GO: Convention takes place at Hilton Portland and Executive Tower, 921 SW 6th Ave. 9 am Friday, 9:30 am Saturday-Sunday Oct. 1-3. $25-$279. Twilight bus tour 9:30 am-2:20 pm Saturday, Oct. 2. $199.