wweek.com readers speak on… “Dr. Do-over”

"How could he not know what interest he paid? Give me a break. I bought a car years ago and paid it off. Guess what? My interest was 6 percent.

Why would I remember that? BECAUSE IT IS A HUGE PART OF THE COST OF ANY LOAN and a HUGE factor in choosing one!

A man that wants to run Oregon doesn't remember what his interest was ON HIS HOUSE?

Sure, and I'm dating Angelina Jolie.

I suppose when this issue, and this lie, is no longer swept under the rug, he'll claim to have lsquo;misspoke'. They all do." — dblshot_of_reality

"…Ha, ha, ha. For Jack Roberts to say someone else misses the spotlight is hilariousness. Dude is a loser; ran for governor and lost and has been trying to work a broke-ass partisan playbook ever since. Move on, Jack. Kitz is gonna kick some proverbial tail come November and there is nothing you can say or do to change that. Wake up! This is a Blue State. " —Dick

"This native Oregonian, left-wing cyclist is voting for Dudley. Admittedly, I don't know much about the guy, but the established pols in Oregon have run the state into the ground. I'm pleading with my fellow Portlanders, we need to vote out the clowns that are ruining the state.
Several examples: bloated PERS for all bureaucrats, reduced services at TriMet while costs skyrocket, huge amounts of municipal debt for trams, streetcars, and Milwaukie MAX—all while our public schools are in shambles. Because of this, Oregon's employment rate will continue to plummet....all of these things occurred on the watch of established candidates (whom I voted for, and remain disappointed).
We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by voting for Dudley. I've gladly put a Dudley bumper sticker on the back of my Prius because this is the only shot we have." —Steve-O

"Just what Oregon needs! A 'new and improved Governor Kitzhaber'—with Alzheimer's disease. Can't remember any details of his Bidwell mortgage deal.... And his dog probably ate all the paperwork. If you believe that fairy tale, let me tell you the one about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. " —RS

"Kitzhaber seems to like the thrill of the chase but not the reality of the relationship." —BokChoy

"Kitzhaber may have his human frailties. Regardless, there's no way in hell I'm voting for somebody with no prior political experience, whose career is about helping the very wealthy avoid paying taxes, and who thinks waitresses are overpaid because they get minimum wage and tips.

I wouldn't be too keen on 'seeking middle ground' with Republicans either. That sort of conciliatory attitude is a one-way street; it hasn't done jack shit for Obama." —ecp2geek

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