The greatest three seconds of the schlocky 1987 teen vampires in Cali bloodfest The Lost Boys belong to a muscly lunk named Tim Cappello, who sears retinas as a bare-chested, greased-up, pelvic-gyrating bandleader with a permed ponytail, throat-humping a giant, gleaming saxophone on the Santa Carla boardwalk. He's more terrifying than Kiefer Sutherland's pack of motorcycle vamps could ever be. Recently the sax man got an homage in a Saturday Night Live digital short starring Jon Hamm (Mad Men's Don Draper) as an oily sax-humper who crashes through walls to torment Andy Samberg. His name is Sergio in the skit, but, c'mon, we all recognize that pelvic pump. Bagdad. 11 pm Friday, Oct. 1.

  • Best paired with: McMenamins Hammerhead.
  • Also showing: Anaconda (Laurelhurst), The Kids Are All Right (Laurelhurst, Academy).

The Lost Boys excerpt, Tim Capello humps his sax during “I Still Believe”

Sorry, we couldn't embed this clip on, but I assure you, it's worth taking a look at.>

Saturday Night Live Digital Short, “The Curse”