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September 29th, 2010 12:00 am KELLY CLARKE | Brew Views

You Saxy Thing


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The greatest three seconds of the schlocky 1987 teen vampires in Cali bloodfest The Lost Boys belong to a muscly lunk named Tim Cappello, who sears retinas as a bare-chested, greased-up, pelvic-gyrating bandleader with a permed ponytail, throat-humping a giant, gleaming saxophone on the Santa Carla boardwalk. He’s more terrifying than Kiefer Sutherland’s pack of motorcycle vamps could ever be. Recently the sax man got an homage in a Saturday Night Live digital short starring Jon Hamm (Mad Men’s Don Draper) as an oily sax-humper who crashes through walls to torment Andy Samberg. His name is Sergio in the skit, but, c’mon, we all recognize that pelvic pump. Bagdad. 11 pm Friday, Oct. 1.

  • Best paired with: McMenamins Hammerhead.

  • Also showing: Anaconda (Laurelhurst), The Kids Are All Right (Laurelhurst, Academy).

The Lost Boys excerpt, Tim Capello humps his sax during “I Still Believe”

Sorry, we couldn't embed this clip on wweek.com, but I assure you, it's worth taking a look at.


Saturday Night Live Digital Short, “The Curse”

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