The 35th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's Jaws has triggered another round of finger-pointing about whether this movie or Star Wars dealt the death blow to the intelligent moviemaking of the 1970s. But I don't think Jaws is stupid. Its observation of small-town know-nothings is as precise as The Last Picture Show, its allusions to Moby-Dick are clever, and I don't know another film that so accurately conveys agoraphobia. Sure, its only purpose is to scare you. But sometimes I think the only purpose of life is to scare you. Laurelhurst.

  • Best paired with: Lucky Lab No Pity Pale.
  • Also showing: Toy Story 3 (Academy, Bagdad, Edgefield, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Mission, Valley), I’m Still Here (Mission, St. Johns).