wweek.com readers speak on… “Project Censored”

"Great article! The 5 overreported stories was a great bonus and I agree. We get outraged over the dumbest stuff, case in point: Al Gore and Greg Oden." —Cmac

"Aaron Mesh, you should be fired for referring to Kyron's family as a 'freak-show family.' I hope there is a lot of backlash for Willamette Week for it also. Your editor, or whoever gave you the go ahead, should also be fired. Have a great day." —Lucy

"Well, they ARE a bit of a freak show. Like, how many sets of parents does (or did) this kid have anyway? And it's quite obvious that Kyron's stepmom isn't the only one who's effin' nuts.

What was the point and purpose of his dad going on Oprah? What on earth did that accomplish?" —DamosA

"DamosA…as far as having a child that has gone missing, any parent will do anything to get air time or whatever it takes to bring attention to their cause. You apparently don't have children. And who are you to make comments about anyone that has gone through the stress that this family has? People like you think you know it all and have to make derogatory comments about a tragedy. I find nothing humorous in other people's pain." —Sabrina

"Amen, Sabrina. It's hyped because some beeotch destroyed countless lives for her [Narcissus] complex. The people that complain about the coverage have the same issue. Why aren't you talking about 'me'?? 'My issues'??

Why don't they choose not to read it?

As far as the top ten underreported—it's not under-reported, it's under-read."


"Pretty refreshing article and that about sums it up.... OK, everybody back to the soap opera. —Refreshing

"Good story. Your sentence on Nancy Grace may have been the best, most precise description of that bitch I've ever heard. Wish I'd said it. I will watch Bill O'Reilly before I'll watch her!" —Bill Morris

"I agree with Beth Slovic. Oden had nothing to be ashamed of. " —Justin