wweek.com Readers Speak On… “Lobster Fest,” Oct. 20, 2010

Multnomah County and local school districts all stand to lose millions from their dwindling budgets if City Council approves a new lobster-shaped urban renewal district when it comes up for consideration in 2011.

"Downtown Portland has wonderful character. I was walking along Southwest 1st Ave., admiring the cobblestone streets and storefronts of many sizes and styles. The buildings were mostly vacant and the streets devoid of people. Old Town is the same story. As my wife says, "the bones are great."

Let's fill the buildings that we have before we move onto the next project. There are projects for today (education and infrastructure) and projects for tomorrow." —BokChoy

"Close Marshall and give Lincoln a new school. There's equity for you!" —Jaded

"Is there anyone sane out there who believes putting a parking garage on the same property as a SCHOOL is a good idea? [Multnomah Learning Center] already lacks a playground and a field and has to send kids out under heavy adult supervision to Couch Park to burn off energy amongst dog poop and whomever else may be using the park. Where would that garage go? BETWEEN the school and the park?? There are 5-year-olds running around there!! So much for 'Safe Routes to School.'" —MLC Mom

"MLC Mom, Did you watch the video [wweek.com/PDCmeeting]? Because it gets worse. One of the Northwest members of the committee asked if it would be possible to convert the MLC building into a neighborhood school to serve the NW neighborhood. The short answer was, 'Yes.' So I'm wondering, did the MLC get a seat at the table?" —Jaded

"Interesting how a lot of Portland State University real estate will also be deemed an urban-renewal area...." —Interesting

"ORS 457
'Urban renewal area' means a blighted area included in an urban renewal plan….
'Blighted areas' means areas that, by reason of deterioration, faulty planning, inadequate or improper facilities, deleterious land use or the existence of unsafe structures, or any combination of these factors, are detrimental to the safety, health or welfare of the community." —Urban Renewal Definition?

"The very definition of gerrymander, and a complete abuse of the intention of urban renewal.

About what we've come to expect from Sleazy Sam." —Gnuut