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October 20th, 2010 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Murmurs

This Column Is Always Ranked No. 1.


  • Two Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard watering holes face a lawsuit by a 23-year-old Southeast Portland woman who claims she was hit by a drunken driver served at those bars. Summer Van De Vanter filed the $825,000 lawsuit Oct. 14 in Multnomah County Circuit Court against the Space Room and Bar of the Gods. Van De Vanter—whose lawsuit says she suffers from anxiety, headaches and tinnitus as a result—claims the bars overserved Sumer Al-Fayez on Oct. 16, 2008, and that Al-Fayez then slammed his vehicle into Van De Vanter as she was crossing Hawthorne in a crosswalk at Southeast 38th Avenue. Current Space Room co-owner Seth Leavens and Bar of the Gods owner Kip Johnson both say the incidents were alleged to have happened under previous owners, who could not be reached for comment.

  • With Portland Mayor Sam Adams expecting to greet President Obama on the tarmac at Portland International Airport (we’re assuming the mayor shows up), we’re wondering who’s paying for Obama’s police escort and extra local security while the prez campaigns on Wednesday, Oct. 20, for Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber. The answer in these cash-strapped times for Portland government? Cops aren’t sure yet. Lt. Kelli Sheffer, a police spokeswoman, says the city will bill for security if the rally at the Oregon Convention Center is considered a campaign stop, but not if it’s a state visit. “The chief’s office will have that conversation when they gather at the conclusion of the event,” Sheffer says.

  • Adrian Guerrero, the Lewis & Clark College student accused of a hate crime in a college disciplinary proceeding, is now in the clear. Guerrero had responded to students holding a “become a Maori warrior” party with his own satirical posters (see Racial Parody, WW, Oct. 13, 2010). After more than 50 professors rose up in support of Guerrero, interim President Jane Atkinson expunged Guerrero’s record of any wrongdoing late last week, says college spokeswoman Jodi Heintz.

  • The downtown Rotary Club held a First Congressional District debate at its regular Tuesday lunch meeting this week. Present was Republican challenger Rob Cornilles. But the chair reserved for Democratic incumbent David Wu was vacant. As incumbents are wont to do, the congressman passed up numerous opportunities to appear with his lesser-known competitor, but the Rotary situation was a topper: Wu is a member of the very club he snubbed. Wu’s spokeswoman Julia Krahe says he was at a prior commitment in Washington County.

  • Workers of the world, party! The Red and Black Cafe, will host a 10th-anniversary celebration this Saturday, Oct. 23, at 5 pm. The masses are welcome at the worker-owned vegan cafe at 400 SE 12th Ave., so long as you aren’t wearing the uniform of Portland Police, who had an officer thrown out last May.
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