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October 20th, 2010 12:00 am | Politics

Quick Picks

A Voter Cheat Sheet of WW’s Endorsements.


What do you do now that you have your ballot for the Nov. 2 mail-in election?

Let us help. Last week, we published our endorsements in contested races, as well as our evaluations of all the local and state measures on the ballot.

You can read all our logic behind those decisions at wweek.com/saveourstate. Or you can use this quickie cheat sheet as you fill out your ballot.

Either way, do vote!


Governor: John Kitzhaber (D) Treasurer: Ted Wheeler (D) LEGISLATURE


District 13 Larry George (R)
District 15 Bruce Starr (R)
District 17 Suzanne Bonamici (D)
District 19 Richard Devlin (D)
District 20 Martha Schrader (D)
District 22 Chip Shields (D)
District 24 Rod Monroe (D)
District 26 Brent Barton (D)


District 26 Sandy Webb (D)
District 27 Tobias Read (D)
District 28 Jeff Barker (D)
District 29 Katie Eyre Brewer (R)
District 30 Shawn Lindsay (R)
District 33 Mitch Greenlick (D)
District 34 Chris Harker (D)
District 35 Margaret Doherty (D)
District 36 Mary Nolan (D)
District 37 Julie Parrish (R)
District 38 Chris Garrett (D)
District 40 Dave Hunt (D)
District 41 Carolyn Tomei (D)
District 42 Jules Bailey (D)
District 44 Tina Kotek (D)
District 45 Michael Dembrow (D)
District 46 Ben Cannon (D)
District 47 Jefferson Smith (D)
District 48 Mike Schaufler (D)
District 49 Nick Kahl (D)
District 50 Greg Matthews (D)
District 51 Cheryl Myers (D)
District 52 Mark Johnson (R)


Metro President: Tom Hughes
Multnomah County, District 2: Loretta Smith


U.S. Senate: Ron Wyden (D)
1st Congressional District: David Wu (D)
3rd Congressional District: Earl Blumenauer (D)
5th Congressional District; Kurt Schrader (D)


70 (Loans for veterans) YES
71 (Annual legislative sessions) YES
72 (Borrowing for state projects) YES
73 (Mandatory minimum sentences) NO
74 (Medical marijuana dispensaries) YES
75 (Wood Village casino) NO
76 (Lottery funds to wildlife) NO


26-108 (Publicly financed city campaigns) YES
26-109 (Eliminate Multnomah County term limits) YES
26-110 (County terms of office) NO
26-111 (County salary commission) YES
26-112 (County commissioner residency requirements) YES
26-113 (County elected office vacancies) YES
26-114 (County library district) YES
26-117 (City fire bonds) NO
26-118 (Oregon Historical Society levy) YES
26-119 (TriMet bonds) YES
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