Drinking and shopping always sounds like a good idea—until you wake up the next morning with too many bedazzled sweater vests and a hangover. That's not the case at North Portland vintage-shop/bar Palace of Industry (5426 N Gay Ave., 477-7313), where the selection is so good and the prices so reasonable it's hard to go wrong. Sip on a lavender Champagne cocktail ($5) while poring over coffee-table books and perusing the assortment of incredibly well-priced vintage clothing (for women: $6 blouses, $10 sweaters and skirts; for men: $10-$15 button-ups), lovely pieces of furniture and wonderfully quirky knickknacks. It feels like hanging out at a friend's house—if your friend had a well-stocked bar, made delicious food to order ($6 corn chowder) and was willing to give away her amazing collection of really cool stuff.