In every possible way, this longtime Old Town mainstay is the epitome of an authentic Greek dining experience. Downstairs, a boisterous, ouzo-soaked bar sits just across the stairway from an open and bright dining room. Overhead, a medley of upbeat Mediterranean favorites blasts from the speakers. While the decor might not be the most romantic, that won't matter after you've had a glass of retsina and sampled the savory menu items. If you can keep your mitts off delights like tiropites (feta-stuffed filo dough), fried kalamarakia (squid) or saganaki (cheese), you might have room for the egg lemon-orzo soup or oversized, feta- and tomato-studded house salad that accompanies all entrees: abundantly portioned favorites like souvlaki, lamb chops and tender roasted chicken. For dessert, the baklava and addictive crème caramel can help you loosen your inhibitions as well as your belt. (KS)