Calling the Alibi a tiki bar is akin to calling the island of Hawaii a pile of basalt. Indeed the Alibi sports no shortage of tikis, hula murals and light fixtures shaped like glass fishing weights, but there is also half a century's worth of history and the kind of earnest dedication to detail—taste be damned—that went out of style before most of the bar's current patrons were born. Though it's mostly known as a karaoke bar, patronizing the Alibi in the middle of the day is something most Portlanders should experience at least once—the elaborate plastic foliage, rocks and low lighting give the illicit feel of drinking behind the scenes of a theme-park ride. Kids, don't try this at home.
What to drink: Anything with blue curaçao.
Happy hour: $2 PBR and Coors Light, well specials, food menu; 3-7 pm Monday-Friday, 11 am-7 pm Saturday-Sunday.
Entertainment: Lottery games; the type of people who go to the Alibi to play lottery games.