By day: a laid-back Armenian bakery. By night: the world's greatest amusement park—Stereotypeoland! And goddamn, you can't have a better nightlife stereotype than the 'Rat's techno-driven dance parties, which end around 5 pm Russian time (6 am here). Sadly, when Ararat relocated from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, she lost her luminescent dance floor (the bar now lights up, though). Still, remaining are the dapper dancers and their sleeveless brethren, old men with young ladies, swingers, outdated fashions and belly dancers. Most importantly, it has the welcome, hospitable vibe of an exceedingly tipsy Old World wedding every weekend. Genatzt!
What to drink: Get a boost while toasting the motherland with a stiff Vodka Red Bull ($8), which is sometimes made with Playboy Energy Drink.
Happy hour: $3 well drinks, $10 dinner; 3-6 pm daily.
Entertainment: TV, DJs, Wi-Fi, belly dancers, psychedelia.