Weekdays a friendly Armenian family-owned neighborhood bar attached to an enticing bakery and deli, this way-out Southeast joint earns its reputation as the craziest Eastern Bloc-accented night out in town strictly for its Friday and Saturday nights. Twice a week closing time is extended a mere eight hours, and the tables and faintly off-putting restaurant roller chairs are set aside to free up the floor for fellas like DJ Boris to deafen the eardrums of a rowdy, largely Eastern European crowd. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more genuine "ethnic" nightlife experience in Portland.
What to drink: A potent 24-ounce big guy of Baltika porter, $6.
Happy hour: $3 well drinks and $3-$5 menu 3-6 pm daily.
Entertainment: Belly dancers every Friday, DJs, TVs, Wi-Fi.