Bartender's choice: I'm sure my bartender said something funny, but it's so damn loud in here!

Ah, Berbati's Pan, the Costco of downtown bars! What looks like a big box form the outside, though, usually amounts to a solid night out (hints of Greek and nautical themes successfully distract from the building's generally clumsy architecture). If your money is gone after a night at Berbati's, the venue's very serious pool and pinball sharks are the most likely culprit, not its reasonably priced Greek menu or suitably stiff mixed drinks. On live-music evenings (and most of them are), one can jump back and forth between a great show and a great conversation on the two distinctive sides of the club. Or you can just get drunk and watch '80s music videos on the huge projection screen. HAPPY HOUR, DJ, LIVE MUSIC, FOOD/DRINK SPECIALS, OUTDOOR SEATING, TV, VIDEO POKER, GAMES. (CJ)