In winter, this cozy—OK, tiny—Alberta Street bar packs in loyal patrons with a roaring fireplace. Come spring, tables and chairs sprout like crocuses on the sidewalk, and Binks' glass-paned garage door slides open, shedding sunlight on the pool table. The bar is transformed into an ideal, airy spot to sip afternoon beers and gawk at passing weirdos. Binks' clientele is a more down-to-earth mix than many Alberta bars, with a refreshing scarcity of junk-hugging skinny jeans and asymmetrical haircuts. Celebrate the Sabbath at Binks' weekly Simpsons Sundays (7-8:30 pm), which pairs happy-hour pricing and Fox's animated Sunday lineup. Amen.
What to drink: Pint of Ninkasi Believer Double Red, $4.
Happy hour: $1.75 PBR, $2.75 micros, $2.75 well drinks 4:30-6:30 pm Monday-Friday, 7-8:30 pm Sunday.
Entertainment: Pool, jukebox, fireplace.