Capitol Coffee House is like a superhero. By day, it's a mild-mannered coffeehouse serving various well-made espresso drinks to its Southwest neighbors. But at night, the restaurant breaks out its "and Bistro" tag and goes to town on a small, well-thought-out menu of French- and Latin-influenced seasonal favorites. And, like a superhero, Capitol Coffee House and Bistro has a secret power, one you might not expect from a modestly priced neighborhood joint—it has an awesome cheese menu with generous servings of fromage from all over the globe. A cozy, slightly funky decor with dark woods and stained glass (the restaurant is nestled into an old train station) makes for a nice atmosphere which to enjoy a refreshing beet salad with a dynamite housemade grape-must vinaigrette, seasonal ravioli stuffed with interesting ingredients or a hearty burger au poivre.