Take pretty much everything you'd expect from a Portland bar. Bands both obscure and national. Tatted punkers intermingling with old codgers. Stiff drinks. And, on special nights, fire, chains, whips and nudity. Dante's is among the most stereotypically Portlandian of the city's bars, offering everything from the band Karaoke From Hell to the SINferno Cabaret's fetishistic eroticism, live music nearly every night and even comedy. Despite its infernal decor, the bartenders are friendly and the vibe inclusive, making this the most comfy bar this side of the river Styx.
What to drink: A flammably strong rum and Coke to take the edge off the whip lashes, $4.50.
Happy hour: $1.50 pizza, $3.50 well drinks 4-8 pm nightly.
Entertainment: Live music, pool, TV, karaoke, DJs, burlesque, Wi-Fi.