You've heard about the bitchin' sound system, the rock-'n'-roll vibe, the smoked mirrors and split-log cladding at the Jupiter Hotel-Doug Fir entertainment compound, where intrepid party monsters can gorge, booze, flirt, rock out and pass out in one convenient location. But what about the burgers? Doug Fir's is named, oddly, distastefully, the Fir Burger. Available in beef, turkey, buffalo, chicken breast or as a Gardenburger patty, it's the everyburger for everyone, with all the toppings and cut fries. It's not the best burger in town by any stretch, but it's straightforward. The kitchen relies on quality local vendors and seems committed to being more than a late-night nosh-and-slosh for locals or a quickie breakfast for departing hotel guests, but expensive entrees may be the restaurant's clumsiest step. (Originally reviewed 1/12/05.)