The food here isn't trendy; it's elegant. Mashing together your favorite European cuisines, Giorgio's chef Peter Schuh brings French stylings to his well-crafted Italian menu; his dishes have a nouvelle feel to them without being '80s retro. It goes without saying that the kitchen—like most of this town's top eateries—relies heavily on local ingredients. An appetizer of lamb ravioli brings one perfect pillow of lamb-stuffed pasta that, like a Chinese soup dumpling, pours juice when you cut into it. It floats in a delicate mint-scented broth. The other housemade pastas are just as tender but toothsome, whether they're blanketed with a simple tomato sauce or strewn with seasonal ingredients like wild mushrooms and sweet corn. The service is professional, but warm. With entrees hovering at more than $25 and a well-chosen but expensive wine list, all this elegance doesn't come cheap but is well worth the investment. (MW)

Signature Dishes: Housemade pappardelle with game ragú.

Standouts: All the housemade pasta dishes; the ethereal and barely sweet warm chocolate cake.

Regrets: High but fair prices; the small portions won't satisfy a hungry crowd.