There are few better places in town to while away the hours with a cold one on a warm summer evening while watching the MAX trains swoosh by than the outdoor patio of ex-Mayor Bud Clark's tavern. And a cozy booth inside, under the string of colored lights is a pretty damn good way to get warm with a beer on a cold winter night. The service isn't speedy, and the food is middling (a $15 pizza is a solid and filling bet), but between the bar's 13 draft offerings--from PBR ($2.50 for a 20-ounce) to Guinness ($4.75 for a 20-ounce)--and lore about Clark (the former mayor once told Tom Brokaw over beers that then-Commissioner Mildred Schwab "could only have an orgasm at budget time"), this place is a must-visit Portland landmark. (HS)

What to drink: a 20-ounce Henry Weinhard's, $3.

Entertainment: Live music, TV.