Holman's has a wonderful identity crisis, enabling patrons to run the gamut of drunkenness: The Buckman institution has five seating areas, all representing different phases of lushness. You can consume chicken-fried steak and screwdrivers in the sunny dining room, down whiskey with craggy old men in the dark bar, shoot sloppy pool in the back room, hit rock bottom gambling in the video-poker nook, and be born anew on the expansive back patio—all in a day. Just be sure to spin the discounted-tab prize wheel before paying, and get ready to spend many more long days in the bar.
What to drink: During breakfast, hit the DIY Bloody Mary bar ($3-$8, depending on your vodka).
Happy hour: $3 microbrews, $2 domestic pints, $2 wells; 4-7 pm daily, 10 pm-midnight Sunday-Thursday.
Entertainment: Pinball, video games, TV, board games, jukebox.