Hidden from the view of the great motorized masses buzzing down East Burnside just a block north, Il Piatto manages to be both urbane and strikingly quaint, just as an Italian eatery should be. The Plate�as all us English speakers would call it�serves up one of the most romantic experiences in Southeast, replete with candlelight, artful clutter and plenty of tables for two (as well as some larger tables if you're into that sort of thing). Chef and owner Eugen Bingham has created a menu that is pleasantly creative, if sometimes to a fault. The polpette di pollo served as chicken meatballs covered in a roma sauce aren't just an alternative to the red meat but a preferred dish. The pizzas here are some of the best in the city, featuring combinations of plum tomatoes, artichokes, house cured prosciutto, oven-roasted garlic, mozzarella and fresh basil. The entrees, especially the pollo ripieno, tend to be a bit overdone conceptually and underwhelming, but, if you're with the right person, that won't matter at all. Right? (MB)