One might expect a simple cr�perie to be open for lunch, yet Le Happy is not, perhaps because it's really a nightspot. A deep-red, womblike room with a lively bar scene, good art, lots of funky house cocktails like gin & ginger with housemade ginger ale ($6) and, oh yeah, cr�pes: delivery systems for butter and cheese, steak and smoked salmon. Come at happy hour for Le Trash Blanc ($3), a buckwheaty cr�pe filled with cheddar and bacon; add a Pabst Blue Ribbon for a buck. A crimini-mushroom sauce with Gorgonzola cr�pe ($6) is savory and homey, while a sweet tooth can be sated with Pommes Chantilly ($6), a hot mess of baked apples, toasted hazelnuts and whipped cream. (NR)