5-11 pm Monday-Thursday, 5 pm-midnight Friday-Saturday, 5-9 pm Sunday.
[WINE BAR WITH A VIEW] The rooftop patio in the former Rocket space continues to offer some great views of the city while serving up dishes that are so seasonal, many of them sport ingredients directly from the adjacent garden. Dining here is at its best when one pieces together a meal from the small plates and salads on offer, but the larger plates should not be overlooked. A watermelon and mizuna salad is sweet, bright and peppery, and goes perfectly with the slow-cooked salmon that's rare at the center but still retains a nice crust. A lentil stew with red peppers and delfino cilantro rounds the dish out nicely. An Indian-influenced braised lamb shoulder featured some braised root vegetables and greens with a nutty red rice and raitalike cucumber sauce. While cooler, windier days may wreak havoc on light, leafy salads, kicking back with a flight of wine from the comprehensive cellar and watching the city transition from day to night is a special treat. BRIAN PANGANIBAN.
Ideal meal: Braised lamb, watermelon salad.
Best deal: Put together the mac 'n' cheese, salad and ham panino from happy hour and feast for about $20. Happy hour 5-6 pm Monday-Friday.
Chef's choice: Meat plate. "Because it has such an unappetizing name. I'm not too keen on using 'charcuterie,' because that's too highfalutin'." (Leather Storrs)