Pho Jasmine has all the pho options Portlanders have come to expect from a pho joint, from the special ($7.95), with five types of beef bits, to the seafood, with squid, shrimp, mussels and fish ($9.95). On top of these well-portioned and -garnished soups, there's also a smattering of dishes from all over Southeast Asia, including a hearty chicken and shrimp hot pot ($8.95). If the food alone isn't enough to put you in the mood to wait out a typhoon while twiddling your chopsticks and slurping the last drops of broth, the lush flora, including exotic trees, will enhance the feeling that you are at once at home and far from home. Tip: To indulge further in the unusual atmosphere, try one of several shakes, which include pineapple, avocado and jackfruit varieties ($3.95)