The veritable patisserie pageant hits its heights with the Saint Honore;, a caramelized cream puff; the Ménage à Trois (almond cream, chocolate ganache and a dusting of pistachios); the lemon-loving tart citron; and a deceptively simple housemade vanilla ice cream. Sadly the Dobos torte (rich in layers of marzipan, hazelnut, etc.) never quite tastes as good as it looks. On the savory side, the peaty goat cheese-onion tart is fantastic; the panini (ham and fontina, pepper and artichoke) are a good bet; or marcona almonds, olives and brioche can be just as satiating. Perfect for midday, a late-night treat, or with family, and whether delving into their extensive selection of Belgian beers, dessert wines or moscato, always finish with the crème brûlée. (TD)