Reminiscent of the magic trick in which water is poured into a paper funnel and disappears, those who visit Cheryl Wakerhauser's Pix Pâtisserie often wonder how all the bite-sized pastel macaroons, housemade gumdrops and delightful truffles disappear so quickly from their plates. Wakerhauser is Portland's magician of confection, stocking her sweet shop with something for everyone—a stunning array of tortes, tarts and cakes as well as more unusual treats, such as bleu-cheese truffles or figs delicately topped with a dollop of crème brûlée. The drink menu includes a bevy of Belgian beers, dessert wines and moscati or beer floats with housemade ice cream. Although sweets reign supreme, Pix gets savory with a goat-cheese onion tart and some tasty panini. (LC)