Heading into its 12th year, Saucebox is far from exhausted. With founding chef Chris Israel back in the box for nearly a year now (although he's re-creating the Zefiro magic at the former Balvo site with 23 Hoyt), Saucebox is flaunting its original pan-Asian flair for food as well as a smashing house-infused cocktail collection. The space is twofold—the low-lit, seductive, original side of Saucebox hosts DJs while the ultra-mod, bright, nonsmoking addition is for those who'd rather see their food than be seen. The full menu, available in both rooms, features exotic renditions such as grilled squid satay with a spicy cilantro sauce and tapioca dumplings filled with a well-spiced chicken sauté. House-infused spirits and housemade cordials are worth their weight in gold—and that's about what you'll pay. If you like the spice, the Kickboxer mixes Thai chili vodka, passionfruit and raspberry purée—warm spirits and cold fruits collide like a perfect storm. (LC)