You know when you see those ads for Dave & Busters, with the video games and the basketball and the drinking and such, and you're like, "I'd totally go there if Portland actually had a Dave & Busters, and if all their promotional material didn't make it look like I was gonna get date-raped by some skeezy after-hours business type"? Well, Slabtown is like the Portland version of that. You can order a basket of french fries and play pinball for three hours (they have a dozen machines), and no one is going to try to grab your boobs. On most weeknights, the place is quiet, and you can get the back room all to yourself. Let's try and change that, shall we?
What to drink: Cheap beer.
Happy hour: $3.25 well drinks and microbrews 3-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Pinball, live punk and garage rock, trivia nights, jukebox, Ping-Pong, arcade games, basketball, TV.