Downtown workers and Stumptown visitors alike enjoy what Southpark brings: straight-up seafood and nonintimidating preparations. Right across from the (you guessed it) South Park Blocks, Southpark has something for everyone, whether you're suffering through a dinner date or treating Grandma to her birthday lunch. But Southpark most shines when it's most simple: a seared, substantial cut of sturgeon, cod or trout atop something seasonal—vegetables or bacon-corn fritters in late summer, for example. Lunch offers tasty sandwich specials like albacore tuna salad, while avowed carnivores can opt for a behemoth Southpark burger. Service is efficient and thoughtful—a salad ordered between two people arrives already partitioned on separate plates. And those who are disappointed that Cheesy Poofs didn't make Southpark's menu can perhaps take comfort in the restaurant's commitment to sustainability and its extensive recycling program, including composting all its food wastes.

IDEAL MEAL: Selection of Pacific oysters, Singing Pig greens salad, daily fish special.