As high-end eateries continue to get knocked about by the rocky seas of an uncertain economy, The more modestly inclined Tabla is a harbor of unwavering consistency. Prices are respectable; the layout of the dining room and open kitchen is warm and inviting. And as for the food? Well, that's good, too. For the money you'd be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable meal off East Burnside—or anywhere else in town, for that matter—than Tabla's $24, three-course prix fixe dinner. The trick is picking the right combination: a light salad of Hermiston watermelon, heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese plays well with a just-brothy-enough rabbit ragout pappardelle. Complete it with the crisp bite of a delectable duck confit. Of course you can order all of these individually, but why would you when you can get them all for less than the price of an entree at pricier (and, frankly, not as good) joints? Wine pairings are suggested by the sommelier/GM, Michael Garofola, for every entree, and the private dining room doubles as a wine cellar.

IDEAL MEAL: Salt-roasted beet salad, poached-egg-topped tabla ravioli, oregano-seared pork chop smothered in basil pesto.