NOTE: This restaurant is no longer open (see Here's what we wrote about it in Restaurant Guide 2007:

Eating goat tacos in the shadow of a taco truck in a strip-mall parking lot is its own kind of sublimity. But sometimes you want a different kind of experience—maybe a chance to sip a fine añejo (aged tequila) cocktail rather than a bottle of Jarritos with your tacos, or the opportunity to eat authentic Veracruz-style Mexican food in a wood-infused, modern Pearl District setting. D.F., brought to you by the same folks behind Taqueria Nueve, offers just that. Elegant touches and fresh ingredients enhance dishes like an empanada filled with the corn fungus (yes, fungus) huitlacoche , and a trio of ceviches that each offered a different flavor profile without overwhelming the fish's pleasant brininess. A huge bowl of posole rojo , stuffed with pork and hominy in a fiery-red but not-too-spicy broth, will warm your heart in the rainy season. (MW)

Signature Dish: Carnitas and duck caramelized in pork fat.

Standouts: Posole rojo ; warm and friendly service; outdoor seating.

Regrets: The salsas and moles can be a little too mild-mannered.