Whether you're dining outside on the back patio or inside this spare, high-ceilinged space that was once a power substation, it's hard to go wrong when you order in this Thai restaurant. Begin off the appetizers list by trying the grilled sausage in cabbage wraps served with ginger and roasted peanuts—a unique mix of crisp cabbage with tender sausage. The farmers market stir fry of seasonal vegetables goes well with the chicken, one of several options that include a seafood mix, prawns, salmon or tofu. All the dishes are filling, but that's especially true of the curries—we liked the massaman chicken curry as a velvety and rich mélange. If you're looking for a lighter menu option, try the lychee salad.
Order this: The pan-seared halibut in green curry and topped with fresh mango.
Best deal: Spicy green beans ($6.95).
I'll pass: The calamari comes closest to a pass, not because of taste—it's got plenty of bite—but because there are equally good appetizers for a lot less than $11.95.