Bartender's choice: Favorite drink has to be the Dirty Shirley—7-Up, grenadine and vodka makes an alcoholic Shirley Temple.The Nest has been the victim of several eggings—that's right, raw eggs thrown into the bar. When it took over Joe's Place—the last black-owned bar on Alberta—the Nest became a symbol of gentrification and a scapegoat for angry locals. Smoky and crowded at night, the Nest is not the place for a laid-back pitcher. But with stiff drinks, a rowdy mix of hipsters and old Joe's Place regulars, and a raucous jukebox, it can be just right for a good, wild drunk. HAPPY HOUR, DRINK/FOOD SPECIALS, GAMES, OUTDOOR SEATING, JUKEBOX, DJs, LIVE MUSIC, OPEN MIC.