Concordia's physically awkward space—an L-shaped room that exhibits all the charm of a cell-phone store—handicaps it from the start. A handful of beer posters fail to contribute much ambience. At the crux of the space is the bar. Concordia offers more than 100 beers, including at least 20 on tap, but getting the beer you want may be a problem, due to the menu's limited summaries of each style. The friendly staff have varying levels of experience, making recommendations hit-or-miss. Rather than perfecting one style, the kitchen offers too many: Mediterranean-themed pastas, fish and chips, gyros, burgers and sandwiches, and appetizers like brie with roasted garlic. All are oversized, most are competently executed, and none betray a human touch. You feel like you could be eating just about anywhere. (Originally reviewed 8/3/05.)