I know the secret Stonecutters society on The Simpsons rigs the Oscars, but who rigs the prices at the area Indian lunch buffets? In the past year, they all seemed to go from $6.95 to $7.95. Swagat's buffet is still one of the best, with plenty of items on offer that go beyond the usual saag paneer/tandoori chicken spectrum, like stewed turnips or eggplant curry, with each taste commanding its own spot on your plate and your tongue. But paying eight bucks and not even getting a samosa might put the buffet past the point of diminishing returns. For a few more dollars and a lot more food, get a full thali platter at dinner, and if you're really hungry, dare yourself to finish a curry-stuffed dosa (giant lentil-flour crêpe), too. (MS)