Bartender's choice: "My hangover cure? You mean mine? Probably a beer. Just one, though—otherwise you'll be bingeing and that's bad."The Spare Room is the perfect post-breakup hangout. It's dark (typical wood paneling dotted by random posters), fairly isolated and smoky as hell. Losers at love definitely will not run into their exes at this bar. Instead, they'll be greeted by burning tobacco, piano karaoke and the lively sights and sounds of senior citizens rocking the video poker (is it just us, or does that Oregon Lottery logo feel depressing?). Extraordinarily cheap drinks—especially on Ladies'Night­—are just a bonus. We're talking $1.50 Pabsts here, ladies. The Spare Room is the good kind of sleazy, the equivalent of a friendly whore's privates, if you will: A warm, safe place in which to drown your sorrows like there's no tomorrow. VIDEO POKER, FOOD/DRINK SPECIALS, LIVE MUSIC, HAPPY HOUR, GAMES, DANCE LESSONS.